Microsoft Excel and Macros Programming

MS Excel is undoubtedly one among the best spreadsheet solutions at the most and the best thing about it the level of customization that a user can do with it. For customization from inside we use MACROs which are programmed in VBA which is a variation of Visual Basic 6.0 used in late 90’s. VB 6.0 was introduced to me in 2000’s and caught me in love as soon as I saw the first Form and wondered “wow, that’s how they made Windows”, and after that there was a never ending passion for learning it.

MS Excel has very amazing predefined function which can cater a lot of regular tasks. But sometimes we have to repeat a task on and on and on and on and on … so that a simple task becomes laborious and boring and chances of error are increased. Well good news is that Microsoft has already pondered upon this issue and has introduced macros which I already have discussed a little; Macros are mainly of two types;

  1. Recorded Macros
  2. Programmed Macros

Let us Recording for now;


If your Developer Tools are not enabled in MS Excel then you may follow the following procedures
Options>Customize Ribbon>Developer

Once developer tab is enabled in the MS Excel the follow the following procedure

STEP 1. Click the Record Macro button

STEP 2. On clicking the following form will appear,

  1. Provide Macro Name(is a must, can be bla_bla_bla)
  2. Shortcut Key (can be left unattended)
  3. Store Macro In: for now “This Workbook” is fine (macro will work in scope of current workbook)
  4. Leave the description unattended

STEP 3. One step two is completed, macro recording indication will be appeared at the lower left corner of the MS Excel.

STEP 4. Now, Excel is in recording mode and will record all your actions for the sake of repeating when called or required.
STEP 5. At the end of the task you may stop recording by pushing the stop button as shown in step 3

Congratulations! You have successfully record you first macro. In next post we will learn about the programming of macros.

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